Italy postpones CFL Combine due to COVID-19

The Italian Federation of American Football, FIDAF, (Federazione Italiana Di American Football) has announced that the CFL Global Combine scheduled for March 6 at the Modena Vipers facility in Modena, Italy, will be postponed until March 27 due to new COVID-9 restrictions.

A spokesman for the federation said that the new rules related to the coronavirus pandemic prevent travel between regions over the next few weeks except, it seems, in the case of players who are registered with teams and who are of “national interest”.  After updating protocols concerning intercontinental travel, the FIDAF will allow players from Europe provided they follow all the protocols and have undergone a COVID-19 (swab) test that is negative, within 24 hours of arriving.

As a result, the registration process will be reopened until March 20.


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