Italy’s Bergamo Lions sign 6’7″ QB Cory Soto

The Bergamo Lions in Italy’s top American football league, have signed versatile quarterback/defensive back  Cory Soto from Lamar University for the 2018 season

The 6’7″, 240 lb Soto spent the 2017 season with Spain’s Barbera Rookies where he accounted for 168 of the team’s 206 offensive points. In 2015, as the leading receiver for Germany’s Saarland Hurricanes he helped the team reach the German Football League playoffs for the first time in their history.

Bergamo Lions head coach Adam Rita:

“Cory is a big, strong athlete who will be a physical force in our offense , also has the ability to help us on defense. I am very excited to work with him.”

American Football International caught up with Cory as he prepared for the Italian football season.

American Football International:  What made you sign with Bergamo?

Cory Soto: They’ve had a rich history in the IFL and I am trying to help contribute to their legacy. Looks like a beautiful city with great coaches and organization which is a big reason for why I signed.

AFI: This isn’t your first tour in Europe. Where did you play before?

Soto: My first season out of college I played in the German Football League 1 (GFL) for the Saarland Hurricanes. That season I helped lead them to the first ever playoff appearance at that level. Following that I played in Spain for the Barbera Rookies.

AFI: What do you think of the level of football in Europe?

Soto: I think The level of football in Europe is competitive and increasing a lot every year. I have seen the game grow within the players, coaches, and fans in just the past couple years. The people in Europe seem to be a lot more interested in the game of American Football year by year and it’s great to see.

AFI: What countries have you visited on your previous tours?

Soto: This is one of my favorite parts about playing in Europe. It gives you a great opportunity to play the game you love while seeing the world. I have been fortunate enough to see majority of the big countries of Spain and Germany. While living there mostly, I got to travel in my off time to countries like Belgium, France and the Netherlands. With Italy coming up, I am sure to check a lot more off the list.

AFI: What foods have you grown to like?

Soto: I like to soak in the culture and eat the food of the local area. In Germany I loved to eat schnitzels. In Spain I loved the chicken Paella. Being out in Europe though has expanded my horizon in food in general. My all time favorite food though is a düna kebab. You can get them on a flat bread or like a burrito which reminds me of home and there’s never a bad time to eat them.

AFI: What are your expectations for this season?

Soto: I expect to be a very competitive team in a great league. I expect to lead my team week in and week out during the season and ultimately winning the championship.

AFI: What do you bring to the team?

Soto: I feel I bring a lot to the team. I am very versatile; I have great size, speed, athleticism and can and play just about anywhere on the field. I think I have great instincts for the game and am a great leader. Adding all that together I believe I am an elite player and can bring a lot to the team.

Cory Soto highlights from 2017 with Spain’s Barbera Rookies

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