Italy’s Lazio Marines Sign Rutgers QB; Gear up for 2015 IFL Campaign

Italy’s Lazio Marines have signed a new American quarterback for their 2015 campaign as Chas Dodd arrives from Rutgers University.

Former Scarlet Knights quarterback Chas Dodd will guide the Marines offense during the Italian Football League (IFL) 2015 campaign.

football-ostia-marinesAfter a disappointing 2014, the Marines are looking to rebound with the goal of returning the Italian playoffs.

As part of the new South Conference, the Marines will battle with the Bologna Warriors, Aquile Ferrara, Ancona Dolphins, Napoli Briganti, and the newly promoted Grizzlies Roma.

Dodd explained how he came to sign with the team from Rome;

“I came in contact with football in Italy through my stepfather, Bobby Bentley. (He) is currently employed by the University of Auburn and has often been in Italy for football camps. So I came in contact with the Marines and I particularly valued the opportunity to better understand your country’ s historical heritage.”

Dodd speaks on how he can bring victory to the Marines:

“My main quality as a quarterback is that I am a pocket passer. I believe I have a strong are, capable of executing all the throws and I am agile enough that when necessary I can escape the pocket and gain ground with my legs. Determination, leadership and perseverance are traits that helped me through the hard times in my career and are amongst my more precious attributes.”

The quarterback’s experience will surely come in handy, particularly he time competing at the  NCAA level, highlighted by the bowl appearance against Notre Dame.

“I believe the experience I accumulated playing first division college football will be a huge help with the Marines. Hard work, discipline, the ability to thrive in a group environment that have characterized my university career will enable me to help my teammates and make our team better.”

There will be plenty of challenges in an environment very different from Rutgers, particularly in respect to the level of the game.


But Dodd doesn’t seem worried:

“Beyond the language barrier, being new to the IFL, I will need to adapt. Anyhow, I have always being good at acquainting and I do not believe there will be any substantial trouble.”

His first practices with his new team are scheduled for the beginning of next year.

Very satisfied, the Marines Athletic Director, Fabrizio Cupellini is also on the hunt for the second import to improve the defensive unit. There are whispers of  an ex-NFL player.

Cupellini told us:

“I cannot talk too much about it at the moment since we are in contact with quite a few athletes. For sure he will be another impact player.”

The Marines have also finalized a collaboration with the Ostia Blackhammers, a fact that will bring an injection of new talent to the team.

All in all, the Marines are preparing for a spot in the 2015 Italian Football League playoffs.

Head Coach Stan Bedwell reports that 60+ players attended the Marines first practice despite heavy rain for most of the night. There was lots of excitement and enthusiasm.

Check out the clip below!

John McKeon is a former professional and collegiate American Football player and coach now living and working in New York. His goal is to spread news, information, and opinion on the global growth of the sport he loves.