Japan: 2022 X1 Super All X-League Teams announced

As we await the Rice Bowl championship next week in Japan, the representatives of the 12 teams belonging to X1 Super and the media covering the X League each had one vote in selecting this year’s all X-League team.

Let’s take a look at the players that stood out most in this year’s X1 Super League.


QB: Tsubasa Takagi – Fujitsu Frontiers

RB: Trashaun Nixon (Fujitsu Frontiers) & Victor Jamal Mitchell (Panasonic Impulse)

WR: Riki Matsui (Fujitsu Frontiers) & Alfonso Onunwor (Panasonic Impulse)

TE: Holden Huff – Obic Seagulls

OL: Kohei Yamashita (Fujitsu Frontiers), Naoki Usui (Fujitsu Frontiers), Masaya Okubo (Fujitsu Frontiers),Yuning Kako (Fujitsu Frontiers), & Keita Takamori (Panasonic Impulse)


DL: Joe Mathis (Fujitsu Frontiers), Makoto Kajiwara (Panasonic Impulse), Masaki Sato (Obic Seagulls) Takuya Seike (Obic Seagulls)

LB: Shoki Cho (Fujitsu Frontiers), Jaboree Williams (Panasonic Impulse), Yu Konishi (panasonic Impulse).

DB: Al-Rilwan Adeyemi (Fujitsu Frontiers), Sean Draper (Obic Seagulls), Samon Sukegawa (Obic Seagulls), Brandon McKinney (Elecom Kobe Finies)

Special Teams

Kicker: Shintaro Saeki – Panasonic Impulse

Punter: Ryo Kondo – IBM Big Blue

Returner: Jhurrell Pressley – IBM Big Blue

Of course, one game is yet to be played, as the Panasonic Impulse will challenge the defending champion Fujitsu Frontiers in the Rice Bowl on January 3.

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