Japan: Listen to Fujitsu Frontiers Coaches Roundtable discussion

Fujitsu Frontiers Coaches Roundtable

Inside Sport: Japan’s new ‘Never Punt’ podcast sat down with XLeague champion Fujitsu Frontiers‘ three American coaches ahead of their upcoming Rice Bowl against Nihon University Phoenix.

Thom Kaumeyer, Keven Lightner and Pierre Ingram have a wealth of experience playing and teaching at the highest levels of the game. Kaumeyer and Lightner were players in the NFL with the former also coaching there. Ingram has experience at a large Div.1 program and is known as one of the best recruiters in football. All three have been instrumental in Fujitsu’s rise to perennial powerhouse. Their team on December 18th retained the Japan X Bowl title with a record breaking performance and will go for their second straight National Championship on Jan 3rd.

Despite being busy preparing for the big game the coaches made time to talk to Inside Sport: Japan about that match, life in Japan as a coach and football in general.

Pierre Ingram

Keven Lightner

Thom Kaumeyer