Japan’s XLeague cancels all spring/preseason football

In response to the State of Emergency just declared in Japan, the XLeagueJapan’s top level American football organization – has canceled all games for all four divisions in May and June.

Statement from XLeague website (translated from Japanese)

Thank you for your continued support and cooperation in the activities of the Japan American Football Association. In response to the state of emergency issued on April 23 (Friday), it has been decided to cancel all official spring games scheduled for May and June.

[Spring official game to be canceled]
East Japan = X1Super Spring Interleague Play, X1Area Spring Interleague Play, X2 Spring Interleague Play, X3 Spring Interleague Play
West Japan = Green Bowl Tournament, Green Bowl Challenge, Junior Tournament

We sincerely apologize to everyone who was looking forward to the official spring games, but we ask for your understanding, and understanding of the situation. We look forward to the day when we can overcome this difficult situation and meet you again at the stadium.

The spring season was set to begin in the XLeague with a modified, challenge-type schedule stretching from May 3 to July 4.

COVID situation in Japan

Cases of COVID-19 have sharply risen in Japan in recent weeks and in response, the Japanese government declared a third state of emergency late last week, particularly in the Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto and Hyogo prefectures.

Tougher restrictions, such as banning restaurants and bars from serving alcohol, asking department stores and movie theaters to close temporarily, and banning fans at sports games, were put into place April 25 and will last until May 11.

The emergency declaration, covering roughly a quarter of Japan’s population of 126 million and about a third of its economy, comes with just three months to go until the Tokyo Olympics are scheduled to begin


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