Jaraguá Breakers Sign Sponsorship Contract, Will Play in Brazil’s Torneio Touchdown

Since 2011 Jaraguá Breakers have been looking for a sponsor to finance the club to play in Torneio Touchdown (TTD). Last Friday,  MovTech, a software developing company in Jaraguá do Sul, signed the master sponsor contract with the team, valid until December this year. Head coach Dennis Prants says that the real winner was the sport of American football. He believes it is difficult to get support from companies to develop teams and football.

“The new sponsor is the result of a work of three and a half years we are developing. Bring tranquility to our training, it will also give conditions for our athletes, as new uniforms, paid travel, training and help with costs generally athletes. “

In addition to the sponsorship, Breakers presented the new uniform for the 2015 season of the TTD. The team will keep the traditional blue and orange uniform, and have two secondary clothes: B2 orange and B3 silver.

The managers took the opportunity to announce the new athletes ranking system: types A, B and C. The first is the one player who can keep 100% fit for the game. He will not travel expenses, uniform or gym, physical therapy and still receive awards. B is the one player who is almost at the maximum level, but needs to improve, this can even be signed in the TTD, but does not receive awards. In this mode, only has a few paid costs. C is composed of beginners or players who have lost commitment. Athlete C has 45 days to moving up level or be eliminated from the roster.

“We need people, athletes committed to the team. We started the preseason with 84 athletes and now we have 52. Maybe we cannot win the Torneio Touchdown this year or next, but we will develop a serious work and raise put the Breakers in another step here in the country”, said Prants.

The kickoff of Touchdown Tournament will be held on June 27th, though Breakers debut July 4th, in Jaraguá do Sul, against UFPR Brown Spiders. The location of the game has not been disclosed.

Journalist at Futebol Americano Brasil and American Football International. Post graduated in Digital Journalism at Famecos/PUCRS. Former multimedia producer of Locast Project MIT/USA. Former player of Porto Alegre Pumpkins.