Why Jarryd Hayne Did Not Make It in the NFL

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Started as a Rugby League Player

The list above includes popular types of football that are still played today. Some like the Sheffield rules and Swedish football have been abandoned. All these sports belong to the same family and there are certain similarities between them. One of the more recent examples of a player switching from one football code to another is Jarryd Hayne. Hayne started as and throughout most his career was a rugby league player. He played for Parramatta Eels from 2006 up to 2014. During that time he played for a number of representative squads, including Australia and Fiji.

He Contemplated Joining NFL                 

On several instances he had a chance of switching to a different sport. In 2009, it was claimed that Greater Western Sydney offered him a deal of 1.5 million Australian dollars per season to join their Australian rules football team. However, before Christmas, he announced that he will not leave Parramatta.

Hayne later announced that he always wanted to play American football and he tried to join the NFL through the collegiate system. However, he didn’t manage to finish high school and thus wasn’t eligible to play in the United States. Reggie Bush, who later became Hayne’s colleague at the 49ers, stated in 2014 that Hayne could join the NFL tomorrow.

Move to the NFL

He finally made and in March he signed a contract with San Francisco 49ers. The rest is history, we pretty much know what happened, but the question ‘why’ was raised. Could’ve he succeeded in the NFL if he joined at an earlier stage of his life? Possibly, but that is a hypothetical situation. Everybody thought that he joined the NFL wanting to prove himself, yet he quitted after just one year. There is no doubt about his dedication, he is a very dedicated player. Nobody can say that he wasn’t trying hard enough. There are 3 reasons that might explain why he didn’t make it.


Why He Failed

  1. The NFL is very demanding and the competition is quite fierce. Let’s not forget that he did managed to enter the 53-man roster.
  2. He joined at an age when it was difficult for him to adapt as quickly as he wanted.
  3. He is a person who is motivated by change and that is why he chose to join the Fijian rugby seven series and win the 2015–16 World Rugby Sevens Series.

American football remains one of the most popular and most demanding football codes and we expect a lot more players like Jarryd Hayne to try and make it in the NFL. Some of them will surely be more successful and won’t give up after just a year.

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