Star WR Jarvis McClam speaks out about leaving Tirol Raiders

By Michael Voitek

The new headline over the past week in the European League of Football has been the release of one of the top quarterbacks in the league and resignation of one of the leading receivers. Tirol Raiders wide receiver Jarvis McClam and quarterback Christian Strong had been playing very well this year, both amongst the top of the ranks at their positions and their team held a record of 6-2, but this week shocking news struck when Strong was cut and McClam decided to step away from the team because of that decision. This leaves the team in a somewhat of a chaotic state and all fans of the ELF in the dark.

We talked with McClam to see what went down in Austria.

AFI: So, what exactly happened with you and Christian?

McClam: The team released Christian saying it was performance based, but if you look at his stats you can clearly see he is performing being a top 5 QB with a 6-2 record. There have been talks around the team and locker room saying Christian isn’t performing and he had to listen to this since the loss to Vienna. It’s like after we lost that game the whole front office and the coaching staff thought we lost the season. So, they released him that Sunday after the Munich game.

The GM eventually called me to the office to chat about the situation. I didn’t like the way they released Christian and how they went about it. And for me loyalty is way more important than anything. Yes, I left the team, but at the same time the team went back on their word [that they used] in my recruiting process “If they wanted me, they will take Christian”. So, I decided to part ways.

AFI: The team knew you were somewhat of a package deal with Christian and if they cut Christian you would leave to, and they still did it?

McClam: Yes.

AFI: Understood. So, what is next for Jarvis McClam? Stay in the ELF or go somewhere else?

McClam: Unfortunately, I can’t play the remainder of the season with any ELF team, but the future is bright for me in other leagues.

AFI: You were playing very well this year, are you thinking about trying out again in the States soon?

McClam: I can’t say right now, but the States is the goal for sure.

AFI: Well, we hope to see you on the field soon and thanks for taking the time.

McClam: Yep, no problem.

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