Javier Carrasco: A Spanish import’s homecoming

The Las Rozas Black Demons have put the teams of the Spanish League of American Football on notice after their stunning upset of the defending and five-time champion Badalona Dracs.

The historic 29-7 win ended the Dracs 44-game domestic win streak and placed the Madrid-based Black Demons in the driver’s seat to win the Spanish title early on in this season. The Black Demons dominating victory was the result of a solid mix of talented imports and a cohesive core of Spanish players.

One of the standout Spaniards in that game was running back and defensive back Javier Carrasco.

The stocky 5’11″, 220 pound Carrasco had 77 yards rushing in the game and scored a key second half touchdown. Once the Black Demons had taken a solid lead, Las Rozas then relied on Carrasco to grind out the yards, milking the clock.

This wasn’t Carrasco’s first big game with the Black Demons, but it was an important one for this Madrid native who has come full circle on his football journey.

Javier Carrasco with his unmistakable flowing hair slashing for yardage against the Badalona Dracs Photo: Lola Morales

Carrasco started playing the game in his hometown at the age of 12. Due to his family’s love for the game, he and his brother Carlos grew up in a football fanatic environment. Javier and Carlos formed a strong bound playing together. The two were a unstoppable dynamic duo on the field together as kids.

“When we were playing U19, I was a quarterback on offense and linebacker on defense, and he was a tight end on offense and an end on defense so we were the perfect tag team. “

Both Javier and Carlos Carrasco grew up and helped the Black Demons win the Spanish second division title in 2017. The championship meant a promotion to the first league for their beloved hometown squad. But the brothers wanted to improve and to do that they knew they needed to play outside of their home country to grow and learn as players. Javier and Carlos ended up signing in Finland with the Seinäjoki  Crocodiles.

“In 2017 we the Spanish 2nd Division Championship undefeated, but my brother and I knew that the Spanish 1st Division required more commitment and more football knowledge so we decided to start looking for a team outside Spain where we could live and grow together and end up signing for the Seinajoki Crocodiles.”

Javier spent the next few seasons on the move playing in Spain and Finland, spending his summers up north playing for the Crocodiles in 2017, and Wasa Royals in 2019. While returning home the rest of the year and playing the for Spanish national team and his hometown Black Demons. The experience abroad has helped Javier grow as a player and a person:

“Playing outside Spain was always something I looked for, growing as a person and as a player was my main goal. Thankfully I was a good player and had the talent to be a great one. The next move was to get on the field with people I’ve never played against, new coaches, new teammates, new offensive and defensive schemes and plays.”

In the midst of  the 2020 pandemic Carrasco decided to return to his second home of Finland this time playing for the UNC Crusaders in the Finnish second league. The versatile athlete played safety and running back for his squad helping them capture the championship. In five games, Carrasco led his team in tackles finishing with 22.5 tackles and 2 interceptions.

Carrasco on what it felt like to win the championship:

“Unforgettable, without a question one of my favorite football memories. The bond that I personally created with the team staff, players and Coaches made it even better. I’m the type of player that always wants to be on the field, especially when the game is on the line. It was incredible.”

Javier Carrasco is a key member of Team Spain Photo: Nastya Pudova

After the Finnish championship in Finland, Carrasco returned home to Madrid to get ready to play for the Black Demons. All the while looking for his next chance to play abroad. In January, Carrasco announced he would be joining the Bydgoszsz Archers of Poland for their season this summer.

Carrasco on why he chose Bydgoszcz:

“ I’ve followed the Polish league and teams for a long time, I knew the Bydgoszcz Archers were and are a great organization and last season they lost in the semifinals. I know I can help the team and make things happen. Also Daniel Piechnik (HC) and Osman Sulkiewicz (GM) were always nice, understanding, and helpful. As I said, new coaches, teammates and offensive and defensive schemes will make me grow personally and football wise.”

Although Carrasco is looking forward to suiting up in Poland, he has already been a huge asset to his hometown club this 2020-21 season in Madrid.

Carrasco on his current season in Spain.

“I’ll leave at the beginning of March to Poland but until then my mentality will be to help the team in everything they need me to. They have everything to win the league this season.”

Watch Javier Carrasco and his Las Rozas Black Demons take on Osos Rivas, Saturday, February 20, 4 pm (16:00) CET, 10:00 Eastern Time.

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