Jaycen Taylor and Limburg Shotguns on a roll in Belgium

The Limburg Shotguns (2-0) continue to impress in Belgium behind the play of Jaycen Taylor, the 2017 MVP of Finland’s Maple League, racking up their second straight win in shutting out the Antwerp Argonauts (1-1) 33-0.

This is the Shotguns first year back in the top division in Belgium since 2015 when they had a record of 1-6.

Taylor, who helped the Helsinki Roosters win the Finnish title in 2017  was pressed into action at quarterback when regular starter Jason Jackson and to return home to the United States for personal reason. He rushed for 225 yards and two touchdowns and completed eight of 13 passes for 174 yards and one touchdown. In other words, a one man wrecking crew.

” It was my first time playing QB for an entire game. I was very nervous because I know I am not the best passer.”

Limburg’s defense swarming Antwerp Argonauts ball carrier

Limburg’s defense also had a strong showing, keeping the Argonauts scoreless, showing different fronts and mixing things up. They forced three turnovers, two interceptions and a fumble recovery and basically found ways to limit Antwerp’s big plays.

Jaycen Taylor’s story is unique. When he announced his intention to move to Belgium and play for the Limburg Shotguns last year, he caught many people by surprise. He had just helped the Helsinki Roosters win their sixth title in Finland and was named MVP of Finland’s Maple League. 

The 5’10”, 190 lb native of Hawthorne, California, who played for three years at Purdue University and won two Italian titles with the Parma Panthers (2011, 2012) and also played for Austrian powerhouse, the Swarco Raiders in 2013, simply decided to move to his wife’s home country of Belgium and put his football skills and knowledge to work to help develop the game.

The Shotguns, who have only existed since 2008, played in the Belgian second division in 2017 and moved up to the top division this year for the first time since 2015. The team is based in the small town of Beringen (45,000) in northeast Belgium. Most teams in Belgium do not rely on import players so Taylor’s move to a league which is not on a par with his previous stops in Finland, Austria or Italy, came as a welcome surprise for Limburg.

The Shotguns now sit second in Belgium’s top league behind the defending champion Brussels Black Angels who also have a 2-0 record. Next up for Limburg is the Ostend Pirates on April 8 in Ostend.




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