Jeff Scurran Holding Coaching Clinics In Europe

Arizona-based American football coach Jeff Scurran has returned to Europe to again help coaches further develop their abilities, making six stops to hold clinics in Germany, the Netherlands and France.

The 20-day tour of Europe features open and closed clinics with the Munich Cowboys, Franken Knights, Marburg Mercenaries, Weinheim Longhorns and Diables Rouge, along with a general clinic in Spijkenisse, Holland.

“My hope for these clinics is to help fill in the gaps of football knowledge for all coaches, from basic drills to advanced strategy,” explained Scurran. “I’ve developed so many friendships in Europe through football so this is my way of repaying all of the kindness I’ve received in my travels over the years.”

In 2012, Scurran coached Guelfi Firenze of the Italian Football League in Florence and has since returned to continue to assist the growth of the sport in Europe, while indulging in a passion for exploring the continent.

Turns losing teams into winners

Scurran has a history of turning losing high school programs into state title contenders and winners and one such story is told in his book One Game One Time. In 2015, Scurran led Catalina Foothills High School to its first sectional championship, posting an 8-2 record, having recorded three winning seasons in stark contrast to a winless season before his arrival. At Tucson Santa Rita, he took a previously 0-10 team to the state semifinals and two state final appearances in his first three seasons.

Details of the Jeff Scurran coaching clinics:

April 8 Munich Cowboys

Contact: Coach Kevin Harrom
Closed Clinic with Coaches 7:00-10:00 PM
Saturday: Football Camp 8:00 AM- 7 PM at practice field

April 16 Open Clinic with Franken Knights

Contact: Coach Erwin Reiger
10:00 AM-5:00 PM, place TBA, Open to ALL Coaches

April 18 Closed Clinic for Marburg Mercenaries,

Contact: Carsten Dalkowski

April 23 Open Clinic for Weinheim Longhorns,

Contact: Coach Sven Gloss
10:00-16:00 NH Hotel, Weinheim, Germany

April 25 Clinic in Spijkenesse,

Contact: Coach Kenny Franklin
6:30-9:30 PM, Spijkenisse Clubhouse (Tennispad 2, 3202 LP Spijkdnisse)

April 28 Open Clinic for Diables Rogue,

Contact: Coach Paul Durand or Franck Lacuisse, 1 Avenue Jean Fourgeaud, Villepinte, 7:00-10:00 PM

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