RB/LB Jeron Jones signs with Yeditepe Eagles in Turkey

The Yeditepe Eagles of Turkey’s top league have taken a step to challenging the perennial top teams in that country by signing linebacker/running back Jeron Jones for 2017.

AFI had earlier reported of Jones signing with the Mersin Mustangs but has transferred to the Eagles on February 18th.

The versatile 6’2″, 245 lb Jones from Virginia, played at Virginia Union University (NCAA Div. II). Prior to his scholarship career at Virginia Union, Jones played at Fork Union Military Academy, a prep school that has turned out 80 or more NFL players.

Jones spent the 2016 season in Brazil playing for the Empyreo Leme Lizards of the Superliga in that country. He played for the USA All American Eagles in the 2015 Aztec Bowl in Mexico and also in 2015 managed to play for the Brazilian champions, Joao Pessoa Espectros and for the Indjija Indians in Serbia’s top league. He first came to Europe in 2014 playing for the Nis Imperatori.

The Yeditepe Eagles play in Turkey’s top league.

American Football International managed to get the globe-trotting Jones to slow down to answer a few questions.

AFI:  You are a veteran in international football. Where have you played previously and how did it go?

Jones: 2014 Nis Imperatori (SAAF Superleague – Serbia): Winning season. League standout and tackling leader for both team and SAAF Superleague. Helped lead the the team to the semi finals and losing to Belgrade Vukovi in their best season ever in club history to this date.

2014 USA All-American Eagles (Aztec Bowl and American Bowl Series- Mexico): 2014 Aztec Bowl champion in the biggest and most historic American games in Mexico at the team since the LFA’s recent creation.

2015 Indjija Indians (SAAF Superleague – Serbia): Struggled that season due to injury but I still managed to have a decent year helping the team have their most winning season in club history permitting them to remain in the SAAF Superleague for further development the next season.

2015 João Pessoa Espectros (CBFA Superliga – Brazil): I was the first ever import for Espectros. They signed me with heavy expectations and I got the job done big time by a playing key role, being a standout, making big hits and stops on defense in clutch moments further help leading to having a victorious season and winning the Brazil Bowl 2015 CBFA National Championship.

2016 Empyreo Leme Lizards (CBFA Liga Nacional; FEFASP Taça 9 de Julho – Brazil): I was also the first import for the Lizards. We played in 2 leagues. Brazil is large with very many teams. Brazil has a national league along with several state or regional leagues. We had an overall winning season finishing 4-4 in the CBFA Liga Nacional. In São Paulo’s FEFASP league we lost in the semi finals.

Statistically I had the best season of my career with 171 Tackles and 18 sacks. I even got to carry the ball on offense with 35 carries for 411 rushing yards and 12 touchdowns.

AFI: You have had a chance to travel a great deal. Where have you enjoyed the most?

Jones: For playing football Mexico, playing in the Aztec Bowl; For lifestyle Brazil although Brazil is not far from Mexico’s level of football.

AFI:  What are your impressions of American football abroad?

Jones: My impression from the places I have played is that football abroad is behind and always will be but on the right track for better development.

AFI: What have been your best experiences?

Jones: My best experience was in 2015 when I signed with 2 teams, playing two seasons in one year. What made it the best was because with the first team I got injured in a freak accident during warmups and I played hurt a few games before deciding to stop for proper recovery. That season didn’t go as well as expected due to my injury. I healed rehabbed and I signed with Joao Pessoa Espectros for the second half of the year. I went there and had an incredible season performing well as we went on to win the 2015 Brazilian national championship by 1 point on the final play of the game as the time expired.

AFI: What is your favorite food?

Jones: Mexican food

AFI: What do you think you bring to the Eagles?

Jones: I will bring to this team great skills and knowledge to make them become a greater force in the TAFL.

AFI: What are your expectations for the 2017 season?

Jones: I hope we can win the championship and I can be named the league’s MVP American import. I expect this to be the best season in the club’s history nonetheless.

Check out Jeron Jones’ highlights

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