Jerry Jones Says Playoff Loss to Packers ‘Beyond My Comprehension’


As the Dallas Cowboys quickly fell behind the Green Bay Packers in their wild-card playoff matchup, fans and media immediately wanted to see the reaction of team owner Jerry Jones.

Jones didn’t disappoint as TV cameras caught him looking stunned in his owner’s suite. And it only got worse from there, with the Packers building an insurmountable lead on a Cowboys team that finished 12–5, earned the No. 2 seed in the NFC, and looked like a Super Bowl contender.

However, as the final minutes ticked away on Dallas’s 48–32 home playoff loss to Green Bay, anticipation turned to what Jones would say to reporters after the shocking, humiliating defeat. And again, he did not disappoint when asked where this ranked among Cowboys postseason defeats, telling the press that this was “beyond my comprehension.”

“This seems like the most painful because we all had such great expectation, and we had hope for this team,” Jones added. “I thought that we were aligned and in great shape, but it didn’t happen for us.”

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