John Elway Announces His Retirement from Football After Leaving the Broncos

After 28 years with the Denver Broncos Organization, first as a quarterback and then as a general manager, John Elway is finally ready to take a bow from football.

This comes just a few weeks away from the NFL Draft 2023. The iconic quarterback and brilliant GM leave a legacy of greatness, due to his direct links to the Bronco’s Super Bowl victories and his hard work in building the Broncos’ championship-winning defense.

We pore over Elway’s illustrious career in football and discuss what the future holds for him as Colorado NFL betting continues to appeal to more fans.

From the Fields to the Front Office, a Brilliant Play

John Elway had a distinctive professional football career, and his achievements in the NFL are nothing short of remarkable.

To start with, John Elway has a unique place in the National Football League (NFL) history. He’s the only player who has passed for over 3,000 yards and rushed for over 200 yards in the same season on seven occasions.

Elway also boasts impressive stats in Super Bowls, having thrown for 1,128 yards, 3 touchdowns, and 8 interceptions, earning a passer rating of 59.3 across five games.

During Elway’s remarkable stint as the Denver Broncos General Manager (GM), he guided the team to five AFC West titles, two AFC championships, and their third Super Bowl victory. This success as a GM is particularly noteworthy, given his achievements as a player.

Elway’s Biggest Success as a GM

Many would say Elway’s best achievement is bringing Manning to Denver. This moment marked the beginning of his successful career in the front office. After that, he went on to sign other world-class talents like Emmanual Sanders, Aqib Talib, T.J. Ward, DeMarcus Ware, and VonMiller.

In those years, Denver’s formidable defense was nicknamed the “No Fly Zone,” and it smothered top MVPs like Tom Brady, Cam Newton, and Ben Roethlisberger.

The Last Years Were not so Great

Over the last few years since the retirement of Peyton Manning, the Broncos have struggled to make headway or find a consistent replacement quarterback. His failure to convince Gary Kubiak to stay on as head coach after 2016 also contributed to the long stretch of mediocrity.

In 2021, John Elway brought in new general manager George Paton to help turn things around. Elway remained involved as president of football operations but took a step back from day-to-day decision-making and instead served as an outside consultant to Paton.

Despite these efforts, the Broncos have continued to struggle and change coaches while holding a six-year losing streak, the longest drought for any Super Bowl-winning team. They have also failed to make the playoffs for seven consecutive years.

Moving on

In an interview with the Denver Gazette following the announcement of his amicable split with the Broncos, Elway made it clear that he has no interest in owning an NFL franchise and is eager to explore other interests in his life.

He said he would devote much time to his other business ventures, restaurants, and car dealerships and make the most of his remaining quality time. The 62-year-old legend jokingly revealed his long-time ambition to portray the villain in a Western movie. He even suggested the moniker “Duck of Death” while expressing more enthusiasm at appearing in the popular television series Yellowstone.

The End of a Magnificent Era

Elway reiterated that he would forever remain a Bronco and their biggest fan despite leaving the active football scene. Although the new owner feels he doesn’t have a place in the organization going forward, Elway expresses his willingness to help the team however he can and has assured CEO Greg Penner that he is available if needed.

It’s a given that the star player, John Elway, will be thoroughly missed by fans, players, and staff for his leadership on and off the field.

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