Korean receiver finds ultimate challenge in flag football

Flag Football national teams around the world have integrated athletes who have been playing at club and representative level for many years with converts from other sports to form competitive squads.

While some have come from track and field, tackle football and basketball, others have established themselves in more unlikely sports such as bobsled, fencing and boxing. The Republic of Korea women’s team that will participate at the IFAF Asia Oceania Flag Football Championships includes Hyebin Park, who has played Ultimate Frisbee in her country for more than six years at the national league level.

Having been selected as a member of Korea’s first-ever women’s national team to compete internationally at the 2023 Asia Oceania Ultimate Championship, Hyebin had become a fan of American football, thanks to husband’s interest and watched NFL broadcasts. She was introduced to flag football last year and was immediately attracted to the sport.

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Michael Preston (@PRMikePreston) is currently working with IFAF in a PR capacity. He recently covered Super Bowl LVII as a member of the NFL PR team as he has done for 20+ years. He has held communications positions with NFL Europe, the North