Learn from this Juggernaut Offense

What is a “juggernaut?”


Noun – a huge, powerful, and overwhelming force or institution.

The word “juggernaut” gets thrown out there every now and then, but by definition it fits the Morningside College offense under offensive coordinator Lucas Luders’ guidance.

After leading Morningside College’s offense to back-to-back NAIA National Championships in 2018-19, and a nod as the Football Scoop NAIA Coordinator of the Year, Lueders has moved on to Central Missouri bringing his high power offense with him.  

Unfortunately, with a pandemic canceled 2020 season, there’s no stat line from Central Missouri, but undoubtedly they will be at the top of NCAA D2 when they return.

Lueders is one of those coaches currently flying under the radar of some of the big schools, but don’t expect that to stay that way long.

Lueders’ offenses have put up a ton of points and yards, being ranked 1st or second since he became offensive coordinator in 2013. Over seven years the Mustangs averaged 583.8 and 52.5 points per game.  That is unparalleled in any division of college football. 

How does he do it?

He identifies their mode of attack as a no-huddle, multiple formation offense.  He organizes their attack as follows:

Vary formations

  • Be flexible

Vary run schemes

  • Power
  • Counter
  • Outside zone

Simplify for QB

  • Critical for adjustments
  • Mass reps

Simplify mesh/exchange

Attack conflict player

  • Keep the defense off balance
  • #’s, leverage and grass

When asked, a successful coach coach the best won’t point to the scheme as a reason for their success, he will point to how they practice.  Here’s what Lueders has his offense focus on in practice to make them so effective at RPO and Screens:

On Air

  • Mesh/exchange
  • Timing of routes

Live reads

  • Moving pieces/In-between read (cloudy)
  • Create a confident and precise decision maker
  • Running back (eyes, aiming point, waterfall)

Sonic Tempo

  • Max reps
  • Move every 5 yards (vs Defense/Scouts)
  • Substitution plan

Sonic Tempo period is one of the most interesting aspects of his practice. It lets Lueders offense maximize reps. His offensive line rotates every 6 plays, and back-ups and 3rd stringers get a ton of reps. Starting at the minus five, they move the ball every 5 yards regardless of what happened.  They go down and back and get 30-35 plays in a 10 minute block.

Things like Sonic Tempo give his offense the ability to work towards perfect execution and bring it to the level they are at.

Watch Lueders talk about his Philosophy and Practice in this video:

Lueders gives insight into some of the most high powered parts of his offense in his course RPO’s and Screens:

  • Philosophy
  • Practice
  • 3rd Level RPO
  • Leverage, Numbers, Grass
  • 3×1 Film
  • Using the Whole Field
  • Pre-Snap RPO
  • Fastballs (1 word calls)
  • Designed Called Screens

Check it out and watch for the name Lucas Lueders.  He won’t be flying under the radar for long. 

Listen to Lueders talk about coaching an uptempo offense on Coach and Coordinator