LIVESTREAM: Brazil – Corinthians Steamrollers @Vasco da Gama Patriotas  Sat. Aug. 12 2 pm (3 p EDT, 7p CEST)

The Corinthians Steamrollers head to Rio de Janeiro Saturday, Aug. 12 to take on the unbeaten Vasco da Gama Patriotas at the Miécimo da Silva Sports Center in the Steamrollers first game of the BFA.

The Steamrollers are two-time Brazilian champions. but the last time they won the title was in 2012 when they beat the Patriotas in the final.

So there is plenty of history between the two teams.

Gabriel Mendes, head coach of Patriotas F.A:

“Patriots and Corinthians is a confrontation with a lot of history. And this game is very important for both teams.”

Corinthians are making their 2017 debut in the BFA after finishing second in the state 2017 São Paulo Football League (SPFL).

Vinicius Menezes, head coach of Corinthians Steamrollers:

“We’re pretty busy. We do not have much time to practice. Saturday, we play the Patriots in Rio de Janeiro, but every game will be a game and that’s how we’ve done it. Every game is a like a title game for us.”

Quarterback Igor Rivelles will likely get the start  for the Steamrollers as Matheus Torres was injured in the SPFL final game against the Lusa Lions (34-5 loss).

So far the Patriotas have won two straight games, both solid wins. They beat the Vila Velha Tritoes 24-18 and then downed the Flamengo 30-16. However, they themselves did not expect to have an unblemished record going into this game and are cautious looking forward.


“Before the league started, few people would have bet that the Patriots would 2-0, after playing the Tritões and Flamengo. But we started well, now we are looking for the best record in the Conference. But it’s one step at a time. And we have to be very careful not to delude ourselves with the two initial victories, they cannot hide the mistakes. We have much to fix yet.”

Watch the game live by clicking here.  Corinthians Steamrollers @Vasco da Gama Patriotas  Sat. Aug. 12 2 pm (3 p EDT, 7p CEST)

The transmission goes live 30 minutes before kickoff.

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