Limburg Shotguns stage upset, score late to edge Amsterdam Crusaders

This past weekend, the Limburg Shotguns gained a big measure of revenge for a pair of key losses when they turned aside the Amsterdam Crusaders 23-20 as the BNL league heads into the home stretch.

Limburg had been overwhelmed by the Crusaders 47-1o in an early season matchup and were beaten by Amsterdam for the BNL championship a year ago.

The beginning of the game saw offensive struggles and defensive domination from both teams. Besides a fumble forced by Limburg, there was not too much to be excited about in the first quarter.

Through the entire first quarter and even deep into the second neither team found the scoreboard. Finally, Crusaders quarterback Jasper Nijland hit receiver Olivier Lugier for back-to-back touchdowns to break the tie and give Amsterdam a 13-0 lead heading into halftime.

Shotguns QB Yhemmairo Van Es #33 Photo: DSN Media

While the Shotguns offense was dormant in the first half, it did not take them long to explode in the second half. Following a stop from their defense, Shotguns quarterback Oskar Sardyga would connect with Juliani Cotin for an 80-yard score on their first play of the half to cut the Crusaders lead to six points, 13-7.

Following this, Limburg would continue to shock the Crusaders. The next offensive drive for Amsterdam ended in their own endzone as they were forced to give up a safety and two points for the Shotguns to narrow the lead to 13-9.

A few drives later, the Shotguns would capitalize on their momentum and take the lead for the first time in the game as Cotin scored his second touchdown of the game to make the score 16-13.

Amsterdam responded. After being held scoreless since the second quarter, the Crusaders were able to find some light on offense as Nijland connected with Lugier connection for their third score of the day. Amsterdam grabbed a 20-16 lead.

Limburg defenders overwhelming a Crusaders running back Photo: DSN Media

The following kickoff gave Limburg great field position as multiple penalties against Amsterdam placed the ball at the 48-yard line. However, the Shotguns were unable to capitalize on this momentum due to back-to-back turnovers.

Just as it seemed Amsterdam would be able to put the game away with one good offensive drive, the Limburg defense rose up for a stop to give their offense chances to take the lead.

Finally, the efforts of the defense would go in the Shotguns offense’s favor. After a great punt return from Yhemmairo Van Es, Limburg would be sitting at the opposing 18-yard line with a great chance to score.

Crusaders quarterback Jasper Nijland #9 throwing downfield Photo: DSN Media

They would do just that as Sardyga made up for his earlier turnovers by finding Ansley Kusi in the end zone. After a successful PAT the Shotguns grabbed a 23-20 lead with a minute remaining.

While Amsterdam had a final chance, they would not have enough time to put together a game winning drive and thus fell short giving Limburg a crucial victory.

With information supplied by Tijs Lemmens.

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