Brazil: Linefa Releases Schedule of Superliga Nordeste Second Stage

The Brazilian Superliga Nordeste released the schedule for the second stage of its competition. The managers of the clubs of the Liga Nordestina de Futebol Americano (Linefa) had announced on April 20th, the games between the teams that comprise the North and South Groups.

With eight seeded teams, after the addition of Recife Pirates and Vitoria FA, its time to find out who faces who in the regular season for the second stage. In the Superliga Nordeste there are games within and outside of the groups.

Teams play four games against opponents in the same group. Each squad faces the other once within the group, and then one of the four teams twice. That opponent is the team to leaving the regular season and the most unpredictable standings. Rankings are prepared based on the positions of the teams in the 2014 regular season.

In addition to the four games within the group, the teams face two opponents from the other group, always using the ranking as rule.

Group North


#1 Ceará Caçadores
#2 América Bulls
#3 Ufersa Petroleiros
#4 Recife Pirates

Group South

#1 Recife Mariners
#2 João Pessoa Espectros
#3 Sergipe Bravos
#4 Vitória FA

Schedule Superliga Nordeste 2015

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