Listen to the AFI Podcast, Saturday, April 4 at 5 p CET (11 a ET) with COVID-19 survivor Spencer Ferrari-Wood, HC of Team Belgium

Listen to American Football International’s Kaleb Leach on the in a compelling interview with the head coach of the Belgian national team, Spencer Ferrari-Wood, who recently beat the deadly COVID-19.

Ferrari-Wood, the 28-year-old native of Orlando, Florida has been the head coach of Team Belgium, aka the Belgian Barbarians, for the past two years and with his new wife, Natalia, lives in Brussels, Belgium. After several years in Europe, both as a player and coach, Ferrari-Wood has become a well-known name in the American football community.

So when news broke that he and his wife had contracted the coronavirus, there was plenty of concern.

“Natalia got it first so I knew that it was inevitable that I would too. And I did. And it was rough.”

Asked about getting the virus he said they are still not sure how she contracted it:

“Natalia thinks it might have been because she took public transit every day for work, but no one can be sure.”

To hear the rest of Spencer’s story and how he and his wife coped, tune in to the AFI Podcast on the American Football International Facebook page with host Kaleb Leach, Saturday, April 4 starting at 5 pm in Europe (11 am Eastern Daylight Time).

For more information on Spencer Ferrari-Wood, check out his website.


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