LIVE STREAM: Brazil – Sada Cruzeiro FA v. Betim Bulldogs (6:30p BRT, 5:30p EDT)

Tune in tonight for the quarterfinal round of Brazil’s Copa Minas between the Betim Bulldogs and Sada Cruzeiro Futebol Americano.

Sada Cruzeiro FA is in search of their second victory in this competition for the State of Minas Gerais. In their debut, the club topped the JF Imperadores 26-8. If they beat the Betim team, Sada Cruzeiro will secure a place in the semi-final of the 2017 Minas Cup.

Sada Cruzeiro head coach Dan Levy makes his 2017 debut in Brazil.

“It’s our 2nd game as Sada Cruzeiro and my first back with the team,” said Levy on Saturday. “I’m personally excited to be leading them on the field again.”

“The Betim Bulldogs are a young team that is still learning football but we expect to execute at a high level regardless of our opponent,” Levy said of his competition. “We take every adversary seriously and hope to come out of this game healthy and one step closer to becoming the Copa Minas (state tournament) champions.”

As for the talent on the field, keep an eye on quarterback Alvaro Fadini and wide reciever Victor Hugo “Mega”. Hugo was signed in the offseason and is the most dynamic receiver in Brazil. The receiver will receive alot of attention from the Bulldog defense. “The last game Alvaro going to his other targets. But we hope to get Alvaro/Mega connection going this game,” said Levy.

On defense Sada Cruzeiro recently added two new players, defensive lineman Kawan Pivatto and linebacker Rodolfo Santos. Both are national team players and will be worth keeping an eye on.

The broadcast will be a professional affair. It will be a Brasil Futebol Americano (BFA) broadcast and feature five cameras, with play by play and color commentary.

Last time match nearly 2 million fans tuned in to watch the broadcast via the Sada Cruzeiro Facebook page.

The game will live streamed on  Facebook and on the BFA YouTube channel.

LIVE STREAM: Brazil – Sada Cruzeiro v. Betim Bulldogs (6:30p BRT, 5:30p EDT)

Broadcast via the Sada Cruzeiro Facebook page.

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