LIVE STREAM: Double Coverage Presents – UK Game of the Week: East Kilbride Pirates v. Tamworth Phoenix

Pre-playoff battle between top UK North division’s Pirates and Phoenix

This is the first live stream from Double Coverage, the UK’s premier independent American Football website. Working with End Run productions, they are presenting a featured Game of the Week, a Premiership North showdown that will decide home field advantage for the playoffs.

Game time is 2 p.m. (BST) local, 9 a.m. (EST).

The East Kilbride Pirates and Tamworth Phoenix are two of the top teams in the country and this game promises to be a superb exhibition of British American Football.

Check out the full preview HERE on Double Coverage.

Enjoy the game’s live stream below!

LIVE STREAM: East Kilbride Pirates v. Tamworth Phoenix

First Half

Second Half:

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