LIVE STREAM PPV: Germany – Samsung Frankfurt Universe v. Allgäu Comets June 3, 7 pm CEST (1 pm EDT)

The 3-0 Samsung Frankfurt Universe will take on the Allgäu Comets (1-3) Saturday in the second game of a home and home series. Frankfurt won the first game 48-7.

The Universe defeated Allgäu in both games in 20116, 10-0 and 32-7.

Frankfurt running back Silas Nacita had an outstanding day last week carrying the ball 11 times for 126 yards and a touchdown while also catching five passes for 92 yards and two more touchdowns. In fact, Nacita is averaging 121 yards a game so far this season. Quarterback Sonny Weishaupt completed 13 of 17 passes for 160 yards and three touchdowns. New import quarterback Daniel Collins saw limited action but still threw two touchdown passes.

Comets quarterback Cedric Townsend had a dismal afternoon and was sacked four times en route to a 90 yard passing game. In order for the Comets to turn this around this week, Townsend needs better protection. Still and all, receiver Christian Hafels was a bright spot catching 12 passes for 136 yards from both Townsend and backup quarterback Dario Dobrolevski.

Watch for the linebackers duel though. Comets linebacker Niall Padden (#43)  is the second leading tackler in Germany this year averaging 10 tackles a game while his counterpart for Frankfurt, Dustin Illetschko (#43)  is making an average of 7.7 tackles per game.

The two top LBs were neck and neck in 2016

The dilemma for the Universe of course in easily winning the first game in a back-to-back series is how do you prepare? The Comets will definitely try something different while Frankfurt will not change what works.

Universe wider receiver David Giron who caught a touchdown pass last week against Allgäu:

“We try to look at it as new game and new team. They are a good team with good coaches. Last game wasn’t the best for them but it doesn’t mean they won’t come to fight. We had to go back to film see where we can get better. Last game we made a lot of mistakes early in the game, so we need to eliminate those mistakes. Can’t take anyone for granted.”

Watch the game by ordering here. (4.95 Euro) Kickoff: Saturday, June 3, 7 pm CEST (1 pm EDT)

Photo: C-Sportspics


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