LIVE STREAM: IFAF Europe – Carlstad Crusaders Host Helsinki Roosters; 5p CET, 11a EDT

Carlstad Crusaders kommer i samarbete med Glimt TV streama matchen mot Helsinki Roosters och den kan man se på Glimt TVs kanaler i Comhem och Telias kabel TV nät samt på Sappa, men även på denna länk:

Posted by Carlstad Crusaders on Friday, May 15, 2015

IFAF Europe North Group winner will be crowned in Carlstad, Sweden when the Helsinki Roosters visit the Crusaders on Saturday, May 16.

This game could be very interesting. You might just have to watch yourself thru the link at the bottom of this article. Kick-off is at 5p CET, 11a EDT.

Each team has beaten the Copenhagen Towers, the third team in the group, although Helsinki had more of a struggle winning 13-0, while not scoring in the second half. Carlstad on the other hand, cruised to a 34-9 victory and look poised to advance to the semis.

However, the Helsinki Roosters are the reigning champion and beat the Crusaders in last year’s group match up 42-30 after falling behind 17-0 in the first half.

The Crusaders have undergone a coaching change since their game against the Towers so are still trying to get back on track.

The winner of the matchup with head the IFAF Europe final four.

Prediction: This one is a toss up. Tune in and decide for yourself!

LIVE STREAM: IFAF Europe – Carlstad Crusaders (Sweden) v. Helsinki Roosters (Finland)

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