LIVE STREAM: Israel Travels to Spain for Europe Qualifier, First International Match

In 2005, New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft arrived in Israel for the unveiling of the then-newly renovated Kraft Family Stadium in Jerusalem, the only arena in the Jewish state that provides Israelis with the opportunity to play a good old-fashioned game of tackle football.

From the outset, Kraft’s intention for the stadium was abundantly clear: to foster and promote American football in Israel. Ten years later, it seems his dream is finally coming to fruition.

Spain and Israel battle to qualify for spot in IFAF Europe’s Group B

In a historically significant announcement, the Israeli Football League (IFL) announced recently that the country’s national team would be participating in its first-ever international game, competing against Spain on Sunday. Some of Israel’s best and brightest players were recruited for the team, and if they prove victorious, they secure a spot in Group B of the European section of the International Federation of American Football.

The Spanish national team returns to competition for the first time since playing the Europe Group B Milan in 2013, where they finished sixth. The last appearance of national team was in July 2014 in a friendly against Lisbon Navigators, who won 12-13.

In addition to Spain v. Israel, 10 other nations will meet to earn their ticket to the 2016 European Group B competition. These countries are: Switzerland v. Slovakia (September 26th), Czech Republic v. Poland (October 11th), Serbia v. Hungary (October 10th), Netherlands v. Belgium (October 24th), and Norway v. Russia (TBD). Italy and Britain have already qualified.

Israel’s quarterback former Michigan Wolverine

One of the Israel’s newest additions is former University of Michigan quarterback Alex Swieca, who earned the rank as MVP during his season with the Israeli league’s Jerusalem Lions in 2011-12. “I am so excited to have an opportunity to represent Israel in Europe with my fellow teammates,” Swieca said to reporters. “But I am also hoping to spend time this year promoting American Football throughout Israel and getting even more Israelis excited about the sport.”

Other members of the national team include three-time IFL MVP Dani Eastman of the Judean Rebels, Tel Aviv Pioneers’ middle linebacker Asaf Katz and professional soccer goalie Gal Mesika, whose athletic skills have proven interchangeable.

Yonah Mishaan will serve as the team’s coach.

Spain’s 47 man roster

Spanish national coach Marcos Guirles has work hard with his squad this week for the match. A total of 47 players from 19 teams have been brought together to take on Israel. Madrid’s Osos Rivas, led the way with ten players, and the Granada Lions have contributed seven, and have the strongest representation on the national team.

Guirles has been very pleased with the team’s work at the CAR of Sierra Nevada, and believes that the selection comes to the party with their homework done. The willingness and involvement of all players has been total. We worked hard and feelings are very good, “said the national coach. Still, he warns that despite its international inexperience Israel has quality players. We do not know much, but we know that they have players with U.S. college level experience and will be a tough opponent. Even so, we believe we can give a fight.

A Global Game

“It really isn’t just ‘American’ Football anymore,” said IFL commissioner Betzalel Friedman. “The International Federation of American Football includes at least 71 countries worldwide, over 30 in Europe and including Middle Eastern countries like Egypt, Turkey and Kuwait.”

The IFL currently boasts nine teams, up from four since the inaugural 2007 season.

If the Israelis manage to defeat the Spaniards, they will qualify to play in an international tournament next year that includes six other countries. To watch Sunday’s match at Madrid’s Ciudad Deportiva Prado see below.

Spain v. Israel – Kickoff: 12 Noon (6 am EDT)

The announcement comes just days after Patriots’ wide receiver Julian Edelman unveiled a video documenting his first trip to Israel. With both him and Kraft promoting Israeli football, you can expect the country to participate in many more international games in the future.


John McKeon is a former professional and collegiate American Football player and coach now living and working in New York. His goal is to spread news, information, and opinion on the global growth of the sport he loves.