LIVE STREAM: Italy Semi-Final – Milano Rhinos v. Bolzano Giants (6p CEST, 12p EDT)

Fresh with the bitterness of defeat in the EFL Bowl at the hands of Thonon’s Black Panthers, the reigning Italian champs return to the field one match shy of an Italian Bowl berth. The Bolzano Giants travel to Milan in meet in Italy’s Divisione 1 play-off semifinal.

Divisione 1 Semi-Finals: Milano Rhinos (10-0 FIDAF Div. 1) v. Bolzano Giants (7-3 FIDAF Div. 1)

This Saturday the Milano Rhinos host the Bolzano Giants, at Limbiate Sports Center at Tolstoi 84 in Milan. The Giants were the winners of a Wild Card match against Bergamo Lions. Bolzano was also team closest to topping the Rhinos this season back in Week 5.

The Giants passing attack is led by American quarterback Dustin Hawke-Willingham and he has a strong receiver duo in Bonacci and Simone to throw to. Hawke-Willingham, who has throw for over 26 touchdowns and 2,336 yards, will have to fend off a Rhino defense, which boasts the best defensive backfield in the Divisione 1 and is composed of the Piloni-Della Vecchia-Morara-Roccotiello group that has shared 1o INTs and 53 pass defenses.

Defensively, their is much curiosity for the home debut of returning linebacker Dylan Bakker who recorded an interception and fumble recovery in his first game with the Rhinos against the Lazio Marines.

The Milano offense, coached by American college football legend Chris Ault, will be able to count on all of their weapons including running back Nick Ricciardulli and elusive quarterback T.J. Pryor.

The winner of today’s match will face the winner of the second Divisione 1 semi-final between the Parma Panthers and Milano Seamen who play on Sunday at Tardini Stadium in Parma.

LIVE STREAM: Italy Semi-Final – Milano Rhinos v. Bolzano Giants (6p CEST, 12p EDT)

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