LIVE STREAM: Italy’s Torino Giaguari v. Parma Panthers (9p CET, 4p EST)

Some say that a team in crisis should face a strong opponent, to play as if they have nothing to lose

After only one Italian Football League loss  it is of course too early to talk of Torino Giaguari as a team in crisis; but the challenge for the Fiaguari in facing the Parma Panthers on Saturday night at 9 pm CET (4 pm EDT), is to find a way to re-energize. A loss would not be devastating – the Panthers after all were IFL finalists in 2014 and won four titles in a row prior to that. But a win could bring some excitement to the Giaguari season.

In any case, for the team led by coach Riccardo Merola the main objective will be to improve on last week’s loss in Milan against the Rhinos. In the 21-6 defeat, Torino was guilty of a couple of serious mistakes in the second half, which nipped a comeback in the bud.

Parma is perhaps the best team in the league, and in their debut they swept away all doubts in overcoming the Milano Seamen 38-13 in a rematch of last July’s Italian Super Bowl. This year, the Panthers have only brought in one American in the guise of returning head coach Andrew Papoccia, who will be on the field in the dual role of running back and linebacker. The strength of the Panthers, however, resides in the group and the team’s consistency season after season. Their roster includes  national team quarterback Tommaso Monardi, running back Alessandro Malpeli Avalli, and defensive ends Simone Bernardoni and Michele Canali, recently returned from playing college football in the United States.

LIVE STREAM: Torino Giaguari v. Parma Panthers (9p CET, 4p EDT)

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