LIVE STREAM: Limhamn Griffins v. Örebro Black Knights, Saturday May 30

In a rematch of last week’s battle between the Limhamn Griffins and Orebro Black Knights which Orebro won 21-7, the Griffins enter the game in some turmoil. After the loss a week ago, the club fired their head coach John Trana after 18 months on the job following three straight lossses. He has been replaced by former head coach Johan Vajnlie who was the offensive coordinator.

Sweden - Orebro - Leinonen

The Black Knights roster will be bolstered by the return of Finnish national team running back Veikka Lehtonen, who played on the team in 2014 and 2013. Lehtonen has been a fixture on Finland’s national team for many years and for the Black Knights he can also step in at linebacker and defensive back.

This is a huge game for both teams. The Griffins are seventh in the league standings right behind the sixth place Black Knights. Orebro is 1-1 while Limhamn is 1-3 after opening the season with a victory over the Vasteras Roedeers.

Watch the game live. Kickoff 5 PM (11 AM EDT)

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