LIVE STREAM: TopLiga Semi-Finals In Poland – Wroclaw Panthers v. Warsaw Eagles

It’s the semi-final round of the playoffs in Poland. Win and in.

Kickoff is 4 pm Polish time, 10 am EDT. Don’t miss out on the action!

Warsaw head coach Dan Levy:

En route to ‪#‎Wrocław‬ for the Półfinał TopligiPanthers vs Warsaw Eagles. The Wroclaw Panthers are one of the top teams in Europe and managed to get the best of us during the regular season, but now we are looking to go steal a win from a great team who has earned every bit of their success. ‪#‎EaglesSquad‬ is locked in and looking forward to the battle ahead. This is semi-final football with nothing less than a national championship bid on the line.

Wroclaw Panthers (7-1) – Warsaw Eagles (5-3)

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