LIVE STREAM & PREVIEW – Brazil’s Gaúcho Championship – Porto Alegre Pumpkins v. São José Bulls

One of Brazil’s and Rio Grande do Sul’s greatest classics is back this afternoon, Saturday April 18th, at Sports Complex of PUCRS in Porto Alegre. After a hiatus of four seasons, Porto Alegre Pumpkins and São José Bulls meet again in Gaúcho Championship, but this time, they’re battling to go to Gaúcho Bowl against Juventude FA. In the last duel was conducted in 2009, the two teams competed in the regional competition without the use of equipment. Today’s reunion will be the first match between them at tackle mode/full pads mode. The Classic of Porto Alegre is marked by a curiosity, as the Bulls have never beaten the Pumpkins since the championships were created back in 2007.

The history

Porto Alegre Pumpkins

Pumpkins The Porto Alegre Pumpkins was founded on October 31th, 2006 and is considered the first football team of Rio Grande do Sul. It was state champion in 2008, 2010, 2012 and 2014 season and the runner-up South Conference of Brazilian Championship 2012.

Head Coach McArthur

Head Coach McArthur

Currently, the Pumpkins are led by American coach William McArthur. The attack has three good players: quarterback Antonio Freire, wide receiver Pedro Boni and running back Jardel Telles. The defense is led by linebackers Guilherme Marra and Sílvio Stieven. In his first game against the Bulls, McArthur expect an exciting game.

“I expect a good hard fought, competive, rivalry. A very exciting game.”

São José Bulls

Bulls The São Jose Bulls was founded on June 15th, 2007. At that time the team was called Porto Alegre Predatores later was renamed Porto Alegre Bulls, and in 2014 formed a partnership with the soccer team Esporte Clube São José and renamed the squad to São José Bulls. The highest point in the history of the red bulls is a runner-up Gaúcho Championship 2011. After a mixture of coaches, Bulls hired Pedro Jaime, former Lusa Lions QB. Jaime also took over as head coach of the team. The attack has good players as Pedro Jaime and the tight end/wide receiver Cristiano Leão. The defense has experienced safety Rafael Sampaio, and the young promise, the linebacker Thomás Leal. The QB Jaime expects a very physical game against the oranges.

“We are preparing to face an opponent that does a very physical game and explores the run game. They are known by trash talk the entire game, as an Argentine style.”

The season 2015

In wildcard preliminary and Opening of the Gaucho championship, São José Bulls defeated easily newcomer team of São Leopoldo Mustangs by 44 to 3. Also the wildcard, Porto Alegre Pumpkins won Ijuí Drones by 39 to 8. Both matches occurred the Sports Complex of PUCRS in Porto Alegre, on February 28th. The match today between Bulls vs. Pumpkins is scheduled for the 1p.m. ET.

LIVE STREAM: Porto Alegre Pumpkins v. São José Bulls

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