LIVE STREAM & Preview: Kristianstad Predators v. Carlstad Crusaders

Sweden’s Top League ‘Super Series’ LIVESTREAM’!

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Kristianstad Predators

The Predators return home this week for a much anticipated rematch against the defending Swedish Champions Carlstad Crusaders. Carlstad seems to be firing on all cylinders under Head Coach Matt Adtkins. They enter this game 2-0 coming off a big victory against Orebro. The Predators enter this game off a big victory against Skane rival Limhamn Griffins.  At 1-1, the Predators are excited to have the challenge to face the undefeated Crusaders. This was the game last season that opened the eyes of Sweden to the potential that the Predators possess. It is building to be another great battle as both teams are talented and hungry for the win. It will be a great afternoon of football at Kristianstad’s IP Saturday. Kickoff: 4 PM in Sweden. (10 AM EST).

Predator defense
The defense dominated the Limhamn offense last game in a very impressive shut out. This will be a much bigger challenge this week against the best offensive line in Sweden. Carlstad is big and strong and can throw the ball down the field with success as well as run inside the tackles. This balanced attack will be a great test for the Predator defense. The keys for our defense this week is to find ways to pressure talented QB Anders Hermadsson, and eliminate big plays from a very talented WR group. It has been a great week preparing for the challenge and we are excited to face such a quality opponent.

Predator offense
After a slow start in the last game vs Limhamn the offense exploded in the 2nd quarter and scored on 5 straight possessions. Carlstad comes into this game with a very formidable defense. Their front 6 are as good as we have seen and are one of the best at pressuring the QB. This will be a major challenge for our offensive unit. The Crusader defense attacks the QB from many different angles and will also mix their coverage well. The Predator offense needs to play sound fundamental football and not try to force big plays. When we play “Predator” football with a good tempo and great execution we have proven that we can score against any team in the country. This really is the match up to watch this week. Whoever controls the tempo and rhythm will have a huge advantage. Coach Adkins and his coaching staff will be well prepared for us and we will need to be able to adjust and adapt as the game unfolds.

Keys to Victory

Coach Adkins and his coaching staff will be well prepared for us and we will need to be able to adjust and adapt as the game unfolds. Both teams are capable of creating big plays both on offense and defense. The team that is able to limit their opponent the best from big plays will have a decisive advantage. The energy at Kristianstad IP will be a buzz and this will be a show down that you will not want to miss.

Carlstad Crusaders

Head Coach Matt Adkins on his Crusaders

After a great win against a very talented Orebro team we take the road to play the Kristianstad Predators. They provide a number of challenges that we will have to handle if we expect to have success. Offensively they have a great quarterback in Phillip Juhlin, who throws a great ball and has clearly been in this system for an extended period of time. Outside of him they boast extremely well coached wide receivers and offensive line. We need to try and limit their explosive plays and try to get as much pressure on Juhlin as we can, through assorted means.

Defensively they have three very good imports at every level of their defense, and a great scheme that causes offenses to really be on top of their game. We will need to have a high level of execution if we hope to get a high output from our offense, especially in handling their different blitz packages. We are currently enjoying a very healthy period for our football team and look forward to the opportunity to play against one of the premiere teams in the Super Series.

 With what will probably be a game time decision we are hoping to get back Jacob Dahre, who broke his collar bone in our first game against the Copenhagen Towers. And are expecting nothing but improved play from recently returned players such as Olof Flemstrom, Carl Romlin and Alex Thelander. We as a coaching staff have a tremendous amount of respect for what Coach Walker and the Predators organization have been able to accomplish, and relish the opportunity to compete against a team like theirs.

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