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LIVE STREAM: Russian Title Game Set To Start – Moscow v. Astrakhan

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The Russian Championship game couldn’t come at a better time for both the Moscow Patriots and Astrakhan Gladiators.

The hosts Patriots are more determined than ever to regain the national title that they’ve lost last to Moscow Black Storm. They’re likely rely on a balanced offense, with both inside and outside running game, as well as short and vertical passing; as well as on their powerful defensive front that will help them contain the run-first Astrakhan offense.

Griffins quarterback under pressure

Although the visiting Gladiators are considered underdogs, in the semifinals they saw that Moscow also has some weak points that can be successfully exploited. They traditionally rely on their powerful offensive line to maul the opponents between the hashes and pound the ball inside, but it will be curious to see what else will they prepare for the Patriots, who’s defense in surely aware of their tendencies and is preparing for that.

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