LIVE STREAM: SC Bowl X – Timbó Rex v. São José Istepôs, Brazil’s Catarinense Championship

This is the first time that Timbó Rex (4-0) and São José Istepôs (3-1) will face each other in Brazil’s SC Bowl – the final match of Catarinense Championship. This is a regional state championship which will take place in the Santa Catarina state in the south of Brazil.

The São José Istepôs are the current champions and will look to defend their title, while the T-Rex are trying for their first state championship.

Check out the list of former champions and runner’s up since 2006.

Former Catarinense Champions

2006 – Joinville Panzers, Brusque Admirals runner-up
2007 – Joinville Panzers, Brusque Admirals runner-up
2008 – Joinville Panzers, Jaraguá Breakers runner-up
2009 – Joinville Gladiators, São José Istepôs runner-up
2010 – Joinville Gladiators, São José Istepôs runner-up
2011 – Joinville Gladiators, Corupá Buffalos runner-up
2012 – Corupá Buffalos, São José Istepôs runner-up
2013 – São José Istepôs, Corupá Buffalos runner-up
2014 – São José Istepôs, Joinville Gladiators runner-up

Tune in to watch the game LIVE!

SC BOWL X: Timbó Rex v. São José Istepôs – Kickoff 2p EDT

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