LIVE STREAM PPV: Sweden’s Superserien 2016 – Uppsala 86ers v. Tyresö Royal Crowns

3rd and 4th place up for grabs in Sweden’s Superseries

The Uppsala 86ers‘ last meeting against Tyresö Royal Crowns secured spot it’s spot in the playoffs. It was an unexpectedly comfortable win in Tyresö.

On Wednesday night when the teams meet again, third and fourth place in Sweden’s top American football league will be decided. It is already clear that Carlstad Crusaders will win the Superseries, and Örebro Black Knights taking second, but their semi-final opponents remain undetermined. Tonight’s winner faces Örebro in the semi-final, while the loser goes to would have to travel to Carlstad to face the 6-time defending champions in the home stadium.

“We do not want to go to Carlstad again. It was not so much fun there Friday even though we started well. Also, I think Carlstad won’t be so happy to encounter in Tyresö, which often play well at Tingvalla, so a win at Studenternas on Wednesday is very important to us,” says 86ers head coach Moe Kadkhodai.

Tyresö recovered quickly from their to loss against Uppsala 86ers earlier this season. Last weekend they topped Örebro in a tight struggle enter the rematch in Uppsala with confidence.


Moreover, they have back a few players that will definitely make the team better.

Philip Minja is back on defense and Amat Jobe reinforces their already strong receiver corps,” says Kadkhodai. “If we get to their QB Alex Niznak it may make it difficult for them to reach their receivers, so we may see more of a running game,” says coach Kadkhodai who was reluctant to reveal more of the 86ers game plan.

Uppsala ran into a major setback in last Friday’s match in Carlstad. Filip Palmqvist was lost gone for the season, and it will weaken their defensive line significantly.

“You can not replace Filip. But we must in any case with Alexander Bergqvist at DE,” says Kadkhodai. “And besides, when we start Henry Green, we never go wrong.”

Otherwise, no major changes in the Uppsala line-up, although will Kadkhodai start import WR Ricardo Miller or Darwin Salaam II?

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John McKeon is a former professional and collegiate American Football player and coach now living and working in New York. His goal is to spread news, information, and opinion on the global growth of the sport he loves.