LIVESTREAM – Spain: Murcia Cobras @ Mallorca Voltors, Feb. 28, 12:00 CET (06:00 ET)

The Murcia Cobras (0-3) will fly to the beautiful Spanish island of Mallorca Sunday, February 28 to take on the Mallorca Voltors (3-1) as the Spanish League of American Football winds up its fifth round of play.

These two teams met back in December with the visiting Voltors winning 33-7.

Look for the Cobras to strike back this time around.

Murcia Cobras @ Mallorca Voltors, Feb. 28, 12:00 CET (06:00 ET)

The winless Cobras lost to the Osos Rivas two weeks ago 52-33. The Cobras offense was a rollercoaster with quarterback Robert Cuda making big plays one drive and throwing interceptions the next. Look for Cuda and the Cobras to keep the ball on the ground more this week as Cuda is a true dual threat quarterback with breakaway speed. A key to this game will be the matchup between Voltors linebacker Kadel King and Cuda, especially when the Murcia quarterback decides to tuck it and run. On defense, the Cobras were hammered by an explosive Osos Rivas passing attack. They will need to step up this week to keep the Voltors dangerous passing attack in check. A key to this will be the Cobras pass rush. Look for British lineman Deon Mutsvanemoto and the Cobras defensive line to get pressure.

Mutsvanemoto on the rematch with the Voltors:

It’s going to take discipline and belief to get a win over the talented Voltors team. I expect a very a different game from the one back in December as the Cobras have added foreign imports to the roster and I believe we are starting to reach our potential as a team.”

The Voltors go into this game after winning a shootout two weeks ago against the Feungirola Potros, 42-34. Quarterback Tanner Young and receiver Jaylon Hibbs played a familiar song connecting in key moments to seal the win for their team, putting up 42 points in the process. The two Centre College (NCAA D3: Kentucky) teammates connected for five touchdowns against the Potros bringing them to a total of 11 combined touchdowns on the season. Murcia’s secondary will need to stop this dynamic duo to give themselves a chance.

Young is looking forward to playing the Cobras once again:

“This week vs the Cobras we are looking forward to being able to compete against a strong team. I think both teams are very different this time around than they were in week 1. Which should make for a very entertaining game. As always, we are just happy to get out there and compete against a quality opponent.”

Look for the Voltors to put up over 30 points in this one as their offense has been in sync all season. Murcia quarterback Robert Cuda and Cobras will need to match Mallorca’s offensive machine to keep themselves in the game. Murcia’s defense will have to force turnovers and get more pressure on the quarterback in order to leave the island of Mallorca with a win.

Watch the game live here on Murcia Cobras @ Mallorca Voltors, Feb. 28, 12:00 CET (06:00 ET)
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Murcia Cobras Roster (Click to enlarge). Some numbers may change game day


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