LIVESTREAM Austria: SsangYong Danube Dragons @ Projekt Spielberg Graz Giants, May 8, 15:00 CET (3 pm, 09:00 am ET)

The SsangYong Danube Dragons (2-1) will visit the Projekt Spielberg Graz Giants (1-2) in the Austrian Football League in a rematch of both team’s season openers.

The first time these two teams met up, the Dragons won 35-16 on their home turf. This time around, they will visit the Giants in eastern Austria.

Graz has been through some major changes since their week one matchup with the Dragons. Head coach Martin Kocian and the Graz organization parted ways after Kocian spent six years with the teams. In their first game without Kocian, the Giants blew out a winless Mödling Rangers team 31-0. One development in this Graz team has been the growing connection between receiver Darrell Adams and quarterback Conor Miller. Last week, the two hooked up for two touchdowns and 111 yards. This week however, they’ll face a tough Dragons defense that features a tenacious pass rush and ball hawking defensive backs.

SsangYong Danube Dragons @ Projekt Spielberg Graz Giants, May 8, 15:00 CET (3 pm, 09:00 am ET)

Quarterback Conor Miller on facing the Dragons for a second time:

We’re expecting to be better prepared for this matchup with the Dragons than we were the first time, because this is the first game all year where we have three games of film on our opponent that are from this season. This will allow us to be more familiar with the Dragons personnel and schemes than we were for the first matchup, where we had to go back to 2019 to find film of them. But we also know that they have three games of film on us too, and they will be well prepared as well. They are a great team on both sides of the ball, and we know that it is going to take excellent preparation and execution in order to win.

Danube enters this game after beating the Prague Black Panthers 21-14 at home two weeks ago. In that game, the Dragons defense dominated Prague up front, sacking their quarterback four times, and forcing an interception. Look for pass rusher Bernhard Mosor to make an impact this week as he was able to sack Miller on a big third down the last time these two teams matched up.

Offensively, the Dragons duo of quarterback Chad Jeffries and receiver Phillip Haun played well connecting for a over a hundred yards and a touchdown. Complimenting them was  powerful running back Byrone Rhone, who played his best offensive game of the season last time out, rumbling for 66 yards and a touchdown. The 240 pound back could be the team’s closer if they get a lead in the fourth quarter. In the first matchup with Graz, quarterback Chad Jeffries stole the show, throwing for five touchdowns.  The signal caller commented on facing Graz again after playing them 5 weeks ago.

It’s always tough facing the same team more than once. Both teams now have a couple games under our belts and now we will really see what both teams do well and how we adjusted from week one to now.

This game could well be one of the weekend’s most competitive matchups as both teams are already jostling for playoff position with the season pressing on. Both the Dragons and Giants are aiming to keep improving and challenge the Dacia Vikings for the top spot in the Austrian league.

Watch the game live here. SsangYong Danube Dragons @ Projekt Spielberg Graz Giants, May 8, 15:00 CET (3 pm, 09:00 am ET)

Projekt Spielberg Graz Giants roster (Click to enlarge)

SsangYong Danube Dragons roster (Click to enlarge)


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