LIVESTREAM BNL Game of the Week: Rotterdam Trojans @ Brussels Tigers, March 30, 18:00 CET (6 pm, 1 pm EDT)

The Brussels Tigers (1-1) will face the Rotterdam Trojans (1-1) as the BNL league heads into its third full weekend of play.

The Tigers were 42-0 losers to the Brussels Black Angels two weeks ago after having dispatched the Kasteel Nitros 20-6 to open the season. Rotterdam manhandled the Limburg Shotguns 41-7 in the first game of the year for them but were then whipped 46-0 by the defending champion Amsterdam Crusaders.

In other BNL action, the Crusaders will play host to the Limburg Shotguns while the Brussels Black Angels will travel to Izegem, Belgium to face the Nitros.

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