LIVESTREAM: Brazil – Sao Paulo Portuguesa @Galo Futebol Americano, Sat. Sept. 28, 8p (7p EDT, 1a Sept. 29, CEDT)

In the premier game in Brazil this weekend, the undefeated 4-0 Sao Paulo Portuguesa pay a visit to the unbeaten 4-0 Belo Horizonte Galo as the Brazilian American Football League, BFAheads into the home stretch.

The Galo will be looking to extend their winning streak to a record 39 games when they play host to Sao Paulo. They have defeated the Vila Velha Tritoes 29-6, the Ribeirao Preto Challengers, Rio de Janeiro Flamengo 25-3 and Macae Oilers 39-3.

The Portuguesa have looked equally impressive in downing the Flamengo 31-13, Corinthians Steamrollers 38-20, Sao Paulo Storm 42-0 and the Challengers 42-14.

Belo Horizonte has scored 131 points in four games while giving up a league-low 23. Sao Paulo’s offense has looked good scoring 153 points while the defense has allowed 11.75 a game.

Galo’s new head coach Rodolfo Ruiz Morales seems to have settled on Yaggo Brito as his starting quarterback after the team’s remains undefeated.

For Sao Paulo, the addition of national stud running back Branco Meneses, along with quarterback Catullo Goes, and his strong receiver corps has given new life to the offense. Young and talented linebacker Gabriel Pitta leads a defense that has added multiple pieces and has looked good.

This is a huge game for both teams, although the pressure on the Galo to stay unbeaten will be sky high.

Watch the game live here. Sao Paulo Portuguesa @Galo Futebol Americano, Sat. Sept. 28, 8p (7p EDT, 1a Sept. 29, CEDT)

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