LIVESTREAM British University: Cardiff Cobras @ Birmingham Lions, Nov. 4, 17:00 CET (5 pm, 12 noon ET)

This Saturday sees the 20th anniversary edition of the Birmingham Lions’ “expLosION” event, which will see them host the 0-1 Cardiff Cobras in their home opener as they look to bounce back from a week one loss away from home.

The Lions’ opened the season with a somewhat surprising defeat, as the newly-promoted Portsmouth Destroyers took a 17-14 home victory from the established Premier division side.

Birmingham are coming off another mediocre season, finishing the regular season with a 4-4 record before being ejected from the first round of the playoffs with a 68-7 beating from Leeds Beckett.

The Cobras’ 2022 campaign saw them go winless over eight games, although coming very close to winning games on several occasions.

One of these occasions game in Cardiff’s final game of the season where they fell one score shy of beating the Lions as the bout ended 14-6 in favor of Birmingham. The first matchup between the two sides went more convincingly in Birmingham’s favor as they took a 20-0 win.

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