LIVESTREAM: CEFL Cup – ITU Hornets (Turkey) vs. Moscow Spartans (Russia), Sat. May 18, 2p (1p CEDT, 7a EDT)

Second semifinal game of the Spotklub CEFL Cup is played this Saturday in Istanbul. ITÜ Hornets will welcome Russian champion, Moscow Spartans. The kickoff is scheduled for 14:00 local time (13:00 CET), and the venue is ITÜ Stadium.

In the first round, Turkish team has hosted the runner-up of the Russian championship, Moscow Patriots, and dispatched them with 40-19. We’ll see how their compatriots and cross-town rivals now fare against the same opponent. The Spartans have visited Budapest Cowbells in the first round and eliminated them from the competition with a 24-6 score.

The Hornets are doing well in their domestic championship too, where they are 3-1. Their only loss has come from a CEFL Championship team, Istanbul Koç Rams. Team’s hopes lie in the hands of quarterback Moses Skillon who scored 4 passing touchdown in the CEFL Cup quarterfinals, connecting with 4 different receivers. Running back Türker Alan has added 2 touchdowns over the ground and linebacker Baran Derse recorded an interception.

Russian championship is still in a hiatus, but the Spartans are playing another international competition where their score is 3-0. Under center for their team will be quarterback Pavel Voronenko, whose favorite target in the first game was Aleksandr Iatsunenko. They’ve linked up for a touchdown, which was followed by scores by two running backs, Denis Pronkin and Ivan Goloveshkin. Linebacker Gleb Averkov has slated an interception to boot.

The winner of this game will advance to the final game, played on the weekend 8/9 June. Bolzano Giants have already placed in the finals after defeating Belgrade SBB Vukovi last week 42-27.

Watch the game live here. ITU Hornets (Turkey) vs. Moscow Spartans (Russia), Sat. May 18, 2p (1p CEDT, 7a EDT)