LIVESTREAM CFL Preseason: BC Lions @ Saskatchewan Roughriders, May 28, 01:00 CET (1 am, 7 pm EDT May 27)

The Saskatchewan Roughriders will host the BC Lions in the first preseason game of the year for both teams as the Canadian Football League approaches the start of the regular season on June 9.

By Jamie Nye

Saskatchewan starting QB Trevor Harris is away for the birth of his third child, so we get to watch the battle for his backup job up close. Mason Fine is the incumbent, but he’s been pushed all camp by Shea Patterson and Jake Dolegala. The team will be watching closely to see if Patterson and Dolegala can continue their stellar play in training camp to possibly make a change at No. 2 in Saskatchewan.

The Lions have a 1-2 punch and maybe the best in the league with Vernon Adams Jr. and Dane Evans. Nothing to see here, though. Or at least not yet. This is Adams’ team, for as long as he keeps winning.

Aside from that, I think it’s obvious what most of those around the league are looking for. Did the Roughriders improve their offensive line?

Most of my attention will go to the offensive tackles. They’ve brought in several American tackles to lock it down. Now it’ll be time to prove they can protect the team’s most valuable asset, in Trevor Harris.

BC Lions @ Saskatchewan Roughriders, May 28, 01:00 CET (1 am, 7 pm EDT May 27)

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