LIVESTREAM: Championship Final In CONADEIP, Top College League In Mexico

The two best teams in college football in Mexico will go head to head Saturday to decide the 2015 CONADEIP championship. The UDLAP Aztecas (Aztecas la Universidad de las Américas) will play the ITESM Borregos of Monterrey (Puebla y los Borregos del ITESM Monterrey). The CONADEIP is the only full scholarship league in Mexico. Upwards of 15,000 fans are expected to be on hand to watch the renewal of this heated rivalry.

This is the eighth meeting between these two clubs in a championship final and the Borregos lead 4-3. The last time they played each other in the final was 2013 when the Aztecas prevailed 17-6.

Mexico - CONADEIP - Aztecas HC Eric Fisher

Eric Fisher UDLAP Aztecs

Eric Fisher, who has been the Aztecas head coach since 2009 is optimistic:

“Mentally we are ready for the challenge. We are motivated to go out and play well on Saturday,”

These two teams have played in some memorable games but their rivalry is now defined by the triple overtime semifinal game in 2004 that the Aztecas finally won 52-49.

Fisher’s Aztecas are the defending champions and have won three of the last five titles. They enter the game with a 9-0 record in 2015 and are looking to go undefeated.

On the other hand, Fisher will be facing Borregos head coach Frank Gonzalez winner of 13 championship crowns since 1993.

“It is only fitting that it is these two teams in the final. They have been the two best teams in the CONADEIP this year.”


Kickoff Saturday November 21, 1 PM (4 PM EST, 10 PM CET)

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