LIVESTREAM: Danish Semifinals – Triangle Razorbacks @Søllerød Gold Diggers, Sunday Sept. 22, 2p CEDT (8a EDT)

The 8-2 Søllerød Gold Diggers, Danish #2, will host the 6-4 Triangle Razorbacks, Danish #3, in the second semifinal game of the weekend in Denmark’s Nationalligaen, Sunday, September 22 at Rundforbi Stadion Naerum.

The Gold Diggers have returned to title contention this year after a dismal season in 2018. Meanwhile Triangle, who reached the final in 2018, have had a solid season.

Søllerød defeated the Razorbacks 40-28 in the only game between the two this season. The two teams faced each other in the 2017 semifinals with the Gold Diggers getting beating Triangle 17-15.

Gold Diggers quarterback Nick Rooney has thrown for 2,721 yards and 36 touchdowns in eight games this season and leads an offensive unit that has scored 385 points. Rooney’s key receiver has been Thomas Ashworth who has caught 40 passes for 741 yards and eight touchdowns in seven games although he has not seen action and could be injured. The club has not released any news on his status. The rest of their receiving corps includes Griffin Norberg, Frederik Oldenburg, Nicholas Kaplan and Anton Engelbrecht. In addition to them, they also have two speedy running backs, Emil Neumann and Alex Ibsen-Abela, as well as veteran Frederik Knudsen.

Triangle’s offense, while not as prolific as the Gold Diggers, has proven it can score but will need the defense to step up in this game. Reed Gotula steps in at quarterback for this game for the Razorbacks and he has potent receivers including German WR Niko Lester. The team has also welcomed the return of last year’s MVP, Jarius Moll. Ben Von Jagow is also another big target for Gotula.

In the first game between the two teams, SGD safety, Desmond Cooper was tasked with neutralizing Niko Lester. Although the Razorbacks lost, Lester did well against Cooper. Since then, as mentioned, the Razorbacks have added Moll so it will be interesting to see how the Gold Diggers use Cooper today.

Søllerød rushed for 227 yards in the first contest which helped them control the game, especially towards the end. The key today for Triangle is to win the line of scrimmage battle and neutralize that running attack of the Gold Diggers.

This game could go either way.

Watch the game live here. Triangle Razorbacks @Sollerod Gold Diggers, Sunday Sept. 22, 2p CEDT (8a EDT)

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