LIVESTREAM Finland: Helsinki Roosters @ Helsinki Wolverines, June 6, 17:00 CET (5 pm, 11 am EDT)

The undefeated Helsinki Roosters (3-0) travel across town to face the winless Helsinki Wolverines (0-2) as Finland’s Maple League enters its fourth round of play.

This is the first meeting between the two teams this season. The Roosters won the only game between the two capital city teams in 2023 by a lopsided 68-0 score. The teams split the series in 2022.

The Wolverines were beaten 46-6 by the Kuopio Steelers to open the season and then 37-14 by the Seinäjoki Crocodiles. The Roosters defeated the Wasa Royals 28-12 in their opening day game and then upended the defending champion Porvoo Butchers 28-7. Last week, they handed the United Newland Crusaders a 63-7 drubbing.

Watch live. Helsinki Roosters @ Helsinki Wolverines, June 6, 17:00 CET (5 pm, 11 am EDT)

Roosters quarterback Ambro Urjansson has thrown for 704 yards and 12 touchdowns in the three games. With a revolving door of receivers due to injury, the Roosters are still able to maintain consistency in the passing game. Bruce Nunnelly tops the team with 192 yards receiving and seven touchdowns while Tarmo Pitkänen now has 168 yards and receiving and one touchdown after catching nine passes for 160 yards in the blowout win over the Crusaders. Injuries have plagued the Roosters receivers room but they are able to weather the storm. Running back Ethan Greenfield has 133 yards receiving while also rushing for 208 yards.

For the Wolverines, quarterback Rasmus Laalo has struggled completing 24 of 47 passes for 241 yards and one touchdown in the two games but he was picked off four times in the loss to the Steelers. His key target has been Kevin Adams who has 13 catches for 157 yards. Sampo Vinamäki had eight receptions for 39 yards and a score. With running back William Young missing the game against the Crocodiles after rushing for only 29 yards in the season opener, Sebastian Lugora has been asked to carry the rushing load and has rushed for 60 yards and two touchdowns on 26 carries.

Needless to say, the Wolverines need their leading rusher to return.

This will be a tough game for the Wolverines without the services of some key players. Should Young and linebacker Willy Lindfors (who has missed both games with an injury) return, the Wolverines might keep it close.

Watch live. Helsinki Roosters @ Helsinki Wolverines, June 6, 17:00 CET (5 pm, 11 am EDT)


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