LIVESTREAM Finland: Helsinki Wolverines @ Porvoo Butchers, June 12 , 15:00 CET (3 pm, 09:00 am ET)

The Porvoo Butchers will host to Helsinki Wolverines this Saturday as the Finnish Maple League kicks off another exciting season. Fans of Finnish football can’t wait to watch this year’s season as all six teams enter the season looking at the Maple Bowl Trophy as a real possibility.

The Butchers go into the 2021 season after using 2020 to rebuild. Although their 0-5 record didn’t impress, there is reason to believe the Butchers are building a contender. Their previous season featured many young players who gained valuable experience. One benefactor of this experience will be quarterback Jabari Harris who is back for a second consecutive season in Porvoo. This year, Harris should have a plethora of weapons as receiver Mikko Seppänen returns and two new faces to this offense are 6’2″ veteran wideout RJ Long and running back Sean Mcallen (WPI NCAA D3).

Helsinki Wolverines @ Porvoo Butchers, June 12 , 15:00 CET (3 pm, 09:00 am ET) Game is geoblocked in Finland.

Defensively, linebacker Alvin Reels brings versatility to a Porvoo defense that lacked exactly that in 2020. Defensive backs Wilhem Stigzelius and Niko Roiko return to help bring this unit more stability. Fans can expect this Porvoo defense to be much improved from a dismal 2020 season, as head coach Jim Nendel returns to Porvoo. Nendel helped the Butchers win their last Maple Bowl championship back in 2010. His experience and football knowledge should bring the Butchers back in the playoff picture.

On the visiting sideline, the Helsinki Wolverines are coming off of a runner up season as head coach Mike Mattingly returns to coach his second year in Finland’s capital city. After broken contracts with two different quarterbacks, coach Mattingly has opted to move veteran receiver Cedric Johnson to the position. Johnson has experience playing quarterback in Finland before as a member of the Vantaa TAFT. Lining up next to Johnson will be AFI-All Pandemic Team running back Breon Allen. Blocking for Allen, H-back Asko Mäntymäki should bring toughness, physical blocking, and soft hands to this offense. In the passing game 6’5 former Florida State tight end Mavin Saunders should give Johnson a great redzone target this season.

Defensively, the Wolverines have brought in long time Helsinki Roosters safety Curtis Slater after two years away from the game. Joining Slater is the secondary will be new defensive back Dejion Lynch (Southern University NCAA D1 FCS) and homegrown Arttu Ketonen, who led the Maple League in interceptions for the Wolverines in 2020. Defensive lineman Bejamin Egbudiwe returns as he looks to add some pass rush against an elusive Butchers passer Jabari Harris.

The Wolverines and Butchers are excited to show off their improved teams, as both eye the 2021 Maple Bowl. Look for the Butchers to play much better in 2021 as the Maple League seems to be a wide open league for the taking in 2021.

Watch the game live here. Helsinki Wolverines @ Porvoo Butchers, June 12 , 15:00 CET (3 pm, 09:00 am ET) Game is geoblocked in Finland.

Porvoo Butchers roster

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