LIVESTREAM France: Cannes Iron Mask @ Aix Argonautes, Feb.18, 13:45 CET (1:45 pm, 7:45 am ET)

The Aix Argonautes (1-0) will play host to the Cannes Iron Mask (1-0) Sunday, Feb. 18 as the French D1 Elite winds up the second weekend of play.

The Iron Mask, newcomers to the top league in France this season, earned a surprising victory in their opening games two weeks ago when they knocked off the Nice Dauphins 19-6. Meanwhile the Argonautes also were surprising winners after beating 2023 semifinalists, the Toulouse Ours 21-13.

This game will mark the first time these two teams have ever faced each other in France’s elite division.

Argonautes head coach Emmanuel Maguet’s squad is led by quarterback Derek Green (Long Island University). Green is the son of NFL quarterback Trent Green and last week he tossed a pair of second half touchdowns in the win over Toulouse. Running back Antoni Giglio gives the Argonautes a solid run game and he proved that by scoring the opening touchdown two weeks ago. Defensively, Maguet looks to GFL standout linebacker Jaymn Haddad as well as defensive back Chady Abdel Aal and linebacker Pierre Moreno.

The Iron Mask are led by head coach Christophe Ferres who relies on Hungarian national team quarterback, Mate Hegedus. Joining him in the backfield is running back Yanis Bakhanti who had two touchdowns in the win over Nice. Wide receiver Marian Menden is a key target for Hegedus.

Cannes Iron Mask @ Aix Argonautes
Feb.18, 13:45 CET (1:45 pm, 7:45 am ET)

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