LIVESTREAM France: Cannes Iron Mask @Nice Dauphins, April 13, 19:00 CET (7 pm, 1 pm EDT)

The Cannes Iron Mask (2-3) take on the Nice Dauphins (1-3) today as the French D1 Elite league moves past the midpoint of the season.

This is the second game between these two teams this season. The Iron Mask beat Nice 19-6 in that first matchup to open the season.

The Iron Mask will be trying to halt a three game skid after opening the season in impressive fashion by knocking off the Nice Dauphins 19-6 and following that up with a 35-8 pounding of the Aix Argonautes. Since then they have lost to the Grizzlys Catalans 45-7, the Toulouse Ours 14-10 and the Marseille Blue Stars 29-0. The Dauphins meanwhile have lost three of their four games. After dropping the opening game to the Iron Mask, they lost to the Grizzlys 21-19 and the Marseille Blue Stars 13-7. In between they scored their only win, a 20-9 victory over the Toulouse Ours.

Nice second year head coach Yannick Fattorini will definitely be looking to get some offense out of his team. They have scored just 52 points in four games. French quarterback Sullivan Silverio has struggled and will need to find a way to get his team moving. The Dauphins defense has kept them in games however led by defensive lineman Jordan Harris (Brockport University NCAA DIII) as well as talented French linebacker Chemsedine Jaouni.

The Iron Mask are led by head coach Christophe Ferres who relies on Hungarian national team quarterback, Mate Hegedus as well as receivers Damien Floury and Nassem Ouais. Yanis Polin is one of the top running backs in the league. Defensive back Christian Koukoua has been a key in the defensive secondary and leads the league with two picks.

This game could go either way. Both teams badly need a win to turn things around.

Cannes Iron Mask @Nice Dauphins
April 13, 19:00 CET (7 pm, 1 pm EDT)

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