LIVESTREAM France: Cannes Iron Mask @ Toulouse Ours, May 25, 19:00 CET (7 pm, 1 pm EDT).

The Cannes Iron Mask (4-5) are on the road Saturday, May 25 when they face the Toulouse Ours (4-5) in a critical matchup in the French D1 Elite league to decide the final playoff berth in Conference B.

The two teams are tied with 4-5 records but the Ours defeated Cannes earlier 14-10. The Iron Mask need to win by five points or more.

The Ours have won four of their last five games and losing four straight to open the season. They defeated the Nice Dauphins 20-13 last week and the Grizzlys Catalans 12-10 the week before after dropping a heartbreaker to the Blue Stars 14-13. They had won two in a row prior to that defeating the Aix Argonautes 14-13 after beating the Iron Mask 14-10. They fell 20-9 to the Dauphins and 30-6 to the Grizzlys after opening the season with two straight losses to Marseille 22-7 and to the Aix Argonautes 21-13.

The Iron Mask will be trying to regain momentum after finally halting a four game skid after they opened the season in impressive fashion by knocking off the Dauphins 19-6 and following that up with a 35-8 pounding of the Aix Argonautes. After that they lost to the Grizzlys 45-7, the Toulouse Ours 14-10, the Marseille Blue Stars 29-0 and Nice Dauphins 20-16 before beating the lowly Aix Argonautes 11-7. They lost a thriller to the Blue Stars 28-27 but then beat the Grizzlys 31-20 last week.

With both teams playing their best football of the season, this game could be the Game of the Week.

Watch live. Cannes Iron Mask @ Toulouse Ours, May 25, 19:00 CET (7 pm, 1 pm EDT).

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