LIVESTREAM Germany: Berlin Rebels @ Cologne Crocodiles, August 28, 15:00 CET, (3 pm, 9:00 am ET)

The final week of the GFL with the third place Cologne Crocodiles (6-3) looking to finish their regular season with a strong win facing the fifth place Berlin Rebels (3-1-5).

The Crocodiles have already clinched a playoff berth. A win today would clinch third while a loss could drop them down to fourth. While the Rebels have nothing to play for, they can play spoilers.

Cologne are winners of three of their last four games while Berlin has dropped their last two, losing badly to Dresden 49-21 but then losing a tough one to the division leading Potsdam Royals, 34-28.

The Crocodiles have had one of the better offenses in the GFL this season ranking as the third highest scoring averaging 39.4 points a game. Canadian quarterback Christian Strong has been a key thanks to his 2,509 yards passing and 30 touchdowns with a 70.5 completion percentage, second in the GFL. He also was aided by an excellent pair of receivers. Aaron Jackson had 65 catches for 1.063 yards and 12 touchdowns while teammate Jarvis McClam had 62 receptions for 742 yards and 14 touchdowns.

Cologne’s defense is ranked fourth in the league in yards allowed surrendering 300 yards and 24 points per game. One of their key playmakers on defense has been defensive back Fardan Allen, who has broken up 10 passes and recorded a league high seven interceptions, and a league high 17 total passes defended.

The Rebels offense is ranked fourth overall averaging 424.4 yards and 35.7 points per game.

Donovan Isom led the squad throwing for 2,442 yards and 23 touchdowns (271.3 yards per game). His two main targets were wide receiver Robert Downs III who had 41 catches for 901 yards and 11 touchdowns while fellow wideout Nigel Westbrooks had 45 receptions for 938 yards and eight touchdowns. French running back Meril Zero is the third leading rusher in the league with 121 carries for 808 yards (89.8 yards/carry).

Defensively, Berlin has struggled and has the second worst total defense in the league, allowing 4,030 yards and 340 points (447.8 yards, 37.8 points per game). However, there were still bright spots including linebacker Benedikt Assies, who had 61 total tackles and two sacks. His fellow linebackers Max Forsback and Paul Morant followed behind with 58 and 56 total tackles respectively.

Berlin Rebels @ Cologne Crocodiles, August 28, 15:00 CET, (3 pm, 9:00 am ET)

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